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Highlights of Ettela’at newspaper on Jan. 3

A special look at the headlines Ettela’at newspaper covered on Jan. 3.

Ettela’at: Rage and indignation across the Muslim world over the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr by the brutal Saudi regime

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Saudi charges d’affaires over the execution of the prominent Shiite cleric.

Ettela’at: The petrochemical sanctions against Iran have been lifted.

According to the managing director of Iran Petrochemical Commercial Company, conclusion of a deal with a Spanish bank marked the official termination of sanctions.

Ettela’at: A missile attack by Yemeni forces against a Saudi military base in Jizan left 25 dead.

And in another development, a senior Alqaeda official was killed in clashes with Yemeni tribal fighters.

Ettela’at: The first vice-president has said that payment of cash subsidies will continue into next year.

Eshagh Jahangiri further said that the administration has no plans to dissolve the Energy Ministry.

Ettela’at: The parliament speaker has said that Iran will offer a firm response to the West’s deceptiveness.

Ali Larijani said any uncalled-for measure by the West should be met with a fitting response.

Ettela’at: The Expediency Council has approved the general outlines of the policies governing Article 44 of the Constitution [which deals with privatization of state companies].

The council is expected to take up the Sixth Development Plan early next year [starts March 21, 2016].

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