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Hamid Nouri’s son speak out about his father’s trial in Sweden

The son of retired employee of the Iranian judiciary Hamid Nouri, who is being tried by a Swedish court, says his father has faced a grossly unfair trial.

According to the Fras News Agency, Majid Nouri says the court has focused on testimony given by dozens of anti-Iran individuals and members of the terrorist group Mojahedine Khalq Organization (MKO) who were each given plenty of time to testify against his father.

He went on to say that two weeks of the court hearings in November were held in Albania to hear testimony from MKO members who are currently based in the country.

Majid Nouri said the court has refused to allow people who want to testify in favor of his father to speak.

Hamid Nouri’s son once again stressed that his father has been under a lot of mental pressure because he has been held in solitary confinement and not allowed to meet anyone for a very long time.

Majid Nouri says the court has refused his father’s requests to come to Iran to obtain a first-hand account of the MKO’s acts of terrorism against Iranian officials and people.

Nouri was arrested in 2019 upon arrival at Stockholm airport and was later put on trial over allegations of his involvement in the trial of the members of the Mojahedin Khalq terrorist group in the 1980s.

The MKO is responsible for the killing of about 12-thousand Iranian people and officials since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The group has carried out bombings and assassinations across Iran.

During the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, the MKO joined forces with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to carry out cross border attacks against Iran.

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