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Gozlama; A Fast Food Indigenous to Iran’s Azarbaijan

Gozlama is one of the dishes that is cooked in Urmia, the capital city of Iran’s West Azarbaijan province.

The food is very easy to prepare. The word “Gozlama” in Turkish means “do not wait”, meaning that it does not take long to prepare this food and it is made very soon.


• Yogurt: 3 Cups
• Eggs: 4
• Garlic: 4 cloves
• Oil: As much as needed to fry eggs
• Salt: As much as needed


Put a pan on the heat and pour a little oil in it. Then fry the eggs. When the eggs are ready, pour the crushed garlic with some salt and yogurt on them.

Stir them on a mild flame a little so that the yogurt does not become watery. After 5 minutes, remove the food from the heat and stir a little. Then, put it in serve it with bread.


1- If you fry garlic with eggs, the smell of garlic will be much less.

2- This dish is served with bread like an omelet.

3- Also, the yogurt in the pan should not be stirred too much.

4- One advantage of this food is its balanced temperature. It is no longer hot after adding yogurt, so it is the best option for those who are in a hurry.

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