Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Girls Selling Handicrafts Online to Help Develop Their Remote Village

A group of Iranian girls from a faraway village in Iran’s most underdeveloped province have come up with a new initiative to sell their handmade crafts and spend the money they earn in the education and health sectors of their village.

The girls from Saydbar Jedgal village in Sistan and Baluchestan province, southeastern Iran, have created an account in Instagram to put their handicrafts for sale.

The handicrafts have been warmly welcomed on the social media and the girls have managed to sell most of them, a Farsi report by ILNA said.

The girls say they spend the money they earn for improving the education as well as health sections of their village by, for instance, educating the illiterate people of the village and collecting garbage.

Through this collective project on the social media, the girls are seeking to play a role in lessening the severe deprivation in their village.

Iranian arts and crafts have been known all over the world since the very ancient times. Various eye-catching handicrafts from gorgeous Persian carpets to exquisite potteries, ceramics, metal works, etc. are the products of Iranian art and creativity.

Given the huge capacities and capabilities of Iranian artists in the production of indigenous handicrafts, there are numerous opportunities for development through foreign investment. The highly educated and creative young generation of Iran can achieve great success by finding access to global markets.

According to the data released by the Iranian Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, skillful workforce is cheap in Iran (as compared with the international market) and the costs of running a business (such as energy costs) are rather low; therefore, the country offers a great opportunity to foreign investors to establish international interactions with Iranian artists in various fields including handicrafts, animation, computer games, design, fashion and clothing, and jewelry.

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