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Gharibabadi denounces Sweden’s ‘hostile approach’

Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights and the Judiciary chief’s deputy for international affairs says Sweden, in collaboration with Israel, has been implementing a hostile approach towards Iran over the past years.

“The Swedish government, certainly with the support of some other European countries, especially the British government, was seeking to put the Islamic Republic of Iran on trial because Sweden’s approach has been a hostile approach for several years regarding national security issues against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Kazem Gharibabadi said on a national TV program about the trial of retired employee of the Iranian judiciary Hamid Nouri in Sweden.

He went on to say that Hamid Nouri’s case is not just a simple trial of an Iranian citizen, because the basis for the formation of this case in Sweden is not judicial, technical or legal, but has a purely political nature.

“Sweden has always formed a political front against Iran…in terms of hardware, it has also acted against our national security by hosting terrorist groups,” Gharibabadi added.

He explained that “We are currently facing three cases related to Sweden in matters related to the national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The first issue is that Sweden is hosting Al-Ahwaziya anti-Iran terrorist group which has been using Sweden as its main base.

The terrorist group is responsible for a bloody terrorist attack in Ahvaz in 2018.

The second issue regarding relations with Sweden is Mojahedine Khalgh terrorist group which has been using Sweden as one of its good bases in Europe.

Isn’t Sweden claiming to be a defender of human rights, fighting terrorism, and establishing a world full of peace, security and stability? So why does it host terrorist groups? Secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights asked.

He said the third issue in relations with Sweden is the case of Iranian national Ahmad Reza Jalali who was arrested for espionage a few years ago.

Gharibabadi said the intelligence he had provided to Israel’s spy agency Mossad led to the assassination of two Iranian nuclear scientists.

“We have the documents of the case of Ahmad Reza Jalali in Sweden, who met with Mossad agents at bases provided to Mossad by the Swedish secret service,” he explained.

“Sweden has been Mossad’s intelligence partner in recruiting agents and taking action against our national security. What does this behavior mean in international relations?” Gharibabadi said.

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