Saturday, December 2, 2023

French Castle; Historical Gem in Iran’s Shush

The historic castle of Shush was constructed in 1897 upon the order of French archaeologist Jean-Marie Jacques de Morgan as a residence for French archaeologists, near the tomb of Daniel the Prophet in the southwestern Iranian city.

For this reason, the French castle is commonly known as the French castle or the castle of de Morgan.

The castle is similar to the Bastille Castle in France. The structure was built by local craftsmen with bricks taken from two other archaeological sites, the Achaemenid Darius castle and the Elamite Choqazanbil ziggurat located in the nearby ancient city of Susa. The plan of the castle is trapezoidal in shape.

The historical castle was registered in 2001 in the list of national heritage of Iran.
The castle was heavily damaged by Iraqi bombs during the 1980s Iran–Iraq war, but has since been completely restored by the Iranian government.

It is now used as a museum and the historical objects as well as tools of the French archeology are kept in it.

Here are photos of the castle retrieved from ISNA:

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