Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Four climbers die during journey to Damavand peak in one week’

Alarm bells have been ringing over unsafe climbs to the peak of Mount Damavand, the highest in Iran, as reports emerge of the deaths of four hikers on the way to the top in only one week.

In an article published on Sunday, Fars News Agency drew attention to the dangers on the road to the peak of Damavand, especially during the current climbing season, when many professional hikers and amateurs set off for the perilous journey.

The report says, out of around 3,000 climbers seeking to reach the top every weekend, many fail. Some, mainly unprofessional climbers, get injured, other get altitude sickness or fall to their death into deep valleys.

Citing statistics, Fars said four climbers have lost their lives there in the course of one week.

Mountaineering officials have warned that Damavand does not have the capacity to host a large number of climbers and, every weekend, many people with injuries seek treatment from rescuers in the region.

Mount Damavand near Tehran, is the highest peak in Iran and Western Asia with an elevation of 5,609 metres.

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