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Former Iran MP: Decision for direct talks with US correct

Former Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari has welcomed comments by Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian on the possibility of direct talks with the US, during the Vienna negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal.

“This is a correct decision that should have been made earlier. This is surely in the interest of the people and would better serve national interests,” Motahari says.

Motahari’s comments place  him among other supporters of the nuclear deal, who back its revival and believe it is better to lose the saddle than the horse on the agreement.

“[Officials of the current administration] previously, because of the slogans there were shouting, to save their face before their supporters and to maintain their revolutionary gesture, they used to say we should humiliate the US and that is why we do not engage in direct talks. This is while it was a detriment to the people and led to intermediary countries use the status quo in their own interests,” he said.

“Now they have reached a point where they know, to exit this impasse, the best way forward is the same direct talks.”

Motahari further said there will be ultimately an agreement, as both sides want it and there is not domestic opposition against the nuclear deal, which was the status quo over the past years.

“I believe the outcome will be what previous negotiators had achieved back in February 2021, we were very close to full agreement. But, there were, unfortunately, some acts of sabotage inside the country and things were delayed for almost a year. After all, I believe what will be agreed, will be not be much different than what Mr. Zarif and Mr. Araqchi had achieved,” he said.

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