Thursday, June 20, 2024

First Dynamic School Opened in Iran

Iran has launched its first dynamic school in which students do special physical activities in addition to attending their routine weekly classes.

Education ministry officials say one of the major plans for elementary schools has long been running a dynamic yard to improve students’ kinetic activities. The plan has now been implemented in a girl-only public school north of Tehran.

“In this plan, students are allowed to work based on activities planned for them in the school yard. The project has developed today and we inaugurated the first dynamic school,” said Mohammad Jafari, a physical education official.

Improving students’ physical fitness, enhancing their health, and creating more joy and happiness among them and more locally driven activities is the goal of a dynamic school project.

“Throughout the school environment, the schoolyard, corridors, classroom, walls and floor we have provided opportunities for students to achieve these goals,” noted Jafari, according to Pupils Association News Agency (PANA).

“We are looking for an active lifestyle for students,” he said, underlining that turning a dynamic schoolyard to a dynamic school means we use all of the school’s capacities to develop a range of kinetic skills in students,” he concluded.

Here you can see photos of the school retrieved from the Young Journalists’ Club (YJC):

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