Saturday, March 2, 2024

Firefighters battling flames in Iran’s National Park

Firefighters are trying hard to put out fires in Golestan National Park in Iran’s northern province of Golestan.

The director general of Golestan Environmental Protection Organization said the topographic location of the region and thick smoke from the fire have made it difficult for the firefighters and two IRGC aerospace helicopters to battle the flames in the Ghoshecheshmeh area of Golestan National Park.

Mohammad Reza Kanani added that since Wednesday, due to weather conditions, a sharp decrease in humidity and wind gusts, four fires have broken out in Golestan National Park.
There are no reports of animal casualties from the fires.

Golestan has 452,185 hectares of forest. According to experts, fire, destruction, land grabs and drought are among the challenges facing the forests of northern Iran, and special measures must be taken to address these problems of this valuable ecosystem.

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