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Famous Iranian photographer dies of brain hemorrhage

Babak Borzouyeh famous Iranian photographer has died after slipping into a coma due to brain hemorrhage.

A union member of Iran’s photographers’ guild said hypothalamic hemorrhage caused Borzouyeh to lose consciousness and made his surgery very risky.

A friend of his also said Borzouyeh’s family was shocked when they were informed of his death.

Borzouyeh suffered a stroke in the autumn of 2017 as well.

He worked as photographer with many famous Iranian filmmakers like Rasoul Molla Ghilpour, Ahmadreza Darvish, Masoud Kimiaie and Pouran Derakhsahndeh.

Borzouyeh won the Award of the Best Film Photographer for Molla Gholipour’s movie “A Journey to Chazabeh” in 1996.

Borzouyeh is viewed as one of the most prolific art photographers in Iran as he has worked in more than 10 TV series, 35 long and short films and over 200 dramas.

He died in Tehran on Tuesday at the age of 52.

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