Sunday, March 3, 2024

Expert: US push for tying JCPOA to non-nuclear issues futile

An Iranian political expert says the US attempt to tie the Vienna talks to non-nuclear issues is futile.

Amir Ali Abolfat’h said the US push for a new deal after the 2015 nuclear agreement, JCPOA, has failed and American officials themselves have realized this.

Abolfat’h however noted that the US efforts to make Iran accept JCPOA II and III is nothing new. He said the Islamic Republic of Iran has not given in to pressures over the matter and it is resolved to prevent any change in the wording of the JCPOA.

Abolfat’h added that Iran’s major demand in the Vienna talks is verification and that the other side has no objection to this.

The political commentator also said Iran must make sure that it will be able to sell oil and receive the revenues.

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