Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Expert: Israel cannot go it alone in a war on Iran

An Iranian political expert says the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no other priority on his agenda than Iran.

Speaking at a conference on the developments of Palestine and the axis of resistance, Masoud Assadollahi said Netanyahu is focusing 100 percent on creating a regional or international alliance against Iran.

He also spoke about Israel’s saber-rattling against the Islamic Republic, saying the Zionist regime is not capable of going it alone in a war against Iran because the two sides have no common border.

Nor does, Assadollahi added, Israel have the military might to do so.

He however said the Zionist regime is trying to drag the US into a war against Iran, but Washington’s only priority now is Ukraine.

The political expert stressed that the US does not go to war on anyone for the time being.

Assadollahi noted that following the recent elections in Israel, the most hawkish forces formed a cabinet in Tel Aviv, which has been unprecedented since the creation of this regime in the Middle East.

He also said this is considered as an alarm for the collapse of the Zionist regime.

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