Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ex-Iranian diplomat says unclear if Iran has made final decision over attack against Israel 

A former Iranian diplomat rejects claims that Iran has decided to attack the Zionist regime from its own soil in retaliation for Tel Aviv’s recent attack on the Iranian consulate section in Damascus that killed several Iranian military advisors.

Kourosh Ahmadi tokd Entekhab news outlet he believes that Iranian officials have not made a final decision yet.

Ahmadi noted that Iranian officials know that such a move is so risky and could lead to dire consequences.

He said Israel has not achieved its goals in Gaza and prime minister Netanyahu may have arrived at the conclusion that a war with Iran could save him given that the Israeli prime minister is currently under tremendous global pressure to end the war on Gaza as soon as possible.

Ahmadi also spoke about the US’s role in preventing Iran from taking military action against Israel. He said the Biden administration does not want tensions to rise but it has no means to prevent a military confrontation between Iran and Israel other than threatening and reaffirming Washington’s backing for Tel Aviv.

According to Ahmadi, the Zionist regime would love to drag the US into a war with Iran but Washington’s intervention in a possible war depends on a number of factors including the type and oomph of Iran’s military action, Israel’s reaction to the attack and how things play out later.

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