Saturday, April 20, 2024

Envoy: Iran, Saudi Arabia agree to create roadmap for talks

Iranian Ambassador to Iraq says Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to come up with a roadmap for their future talks aimed at normalizing bilateral relations.

Iraj Masjedi also spoke of the fifth round of negotiations between Tehran and Riyadh brokered by the Iraqi government.

He said during the talks that happened in Baghdad, the two sides made some proposals including the roadmap which they agreed upon.

Asked if Iran and Saudi Arabia will reopen their embassies, Masjedi said the trend of the future negotiations will decide if this will happen.

He added what mattered in the latest round of talks was that the two sides would agree on a roadmap for the future, which paid off, and this is a positive sign.

The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad said one issue Tehran and Riyadh agreed upon was confidence building.

Masjedi added that the other issues were Hajj, the reopening of embassies and also regional and international matters.

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