Saturday, December 3, 2022

We are entitled to blue skies

Participants in the Clean Air Day carnival in Tehran asked for more efforts to help improve air conditions in cities which are gasping for fresh air.

A number of Iranian students staged a small rally on a Tehran street on Sunday to call on adults, including urban officials, to do more to ensure their right to clean air. The rally came on the eve of January 19 which marks the Clean Air Day in Iran. The following is a partial translation of a report the Monday edition of Shahrvand daily ran on the carnival of clean air:

“Polluted air is disgusting. We want clean air,” chanted students in a Tehran park, as they expressed their resentment at air pollution.

The children also called on adults to do what it takes to help the city breathe in clean air.

They were carrying placards which among other things read, “Clean air and earth is our wish” and “Where is the blue sky of our city?” At the rally, the very young participants were asked to draw in deep breaths, and try not to cough in the process.

The students were urged by organizers to use public transport, stop littering and plant trees if they want to make pollution of air and water a thing of the past. The event came to an end with the students planting houseplants.

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