Enemy Unlikely to Launch Ground Attack on Iran: Top Officer

A top Iranian commander says the enemies are unlikely to mount a ground attack on Iran should they opt to launch aggression against the country.

Addressing a group of officers in Tehran on Saturday, senior Iranian military commander Major General Mohammad Baqeri stressed that the enemies of Iran are unlikely to launch a ground attack on the country.

“[Even] if there should be a very low possibility of the enemies attacking us, the aggression won’t be a land offensive because in case of ground attack they will face [our] brave troops,” said General Baqeri who is the Chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.

“We thank God Almighty that in a world where the global hegemony is led by unwise powers, and they won’t dare attack Iran as they have come to the conclusion that launching aggression against the Islamic Republic will have huge costs for them,” he said, according to a Farsi report by Tasnim.

“Even if they initiate an aggression, it won’t be up to them to end it, and they won’t be able to limit the war zone to Iran’s borders, and they won’t be able to determine the priorities of war, and that’s due to the privilege of deterrence that Iran has,” said the top general.

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