Thursday, September 29, 2022

Digi: A Local Nomadic Iranian Food

Digi, which is also known as the “shepherds’ food”, is one of the tasty local foods cooked in Semnan province in eastern Iran.

The dish is usually cooked by nomads. The ingredients include pieces of lamb, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, spices and rice.



Rice: 2kg

Lamb: 2kg

Potatoes: 3 potatoes

Onions: 3 onions

Tomatoes: 5 tomatoes

Spices: as much as necessary

Digi: A Local Nomadic Iranian FoodRecipe:

Put the meat in a copper dish whose lid can be shut tight. Put as much rice as the lamb in a cauldron and add chopped potatoes and tomatoes. Then add water, salt and oil as much as necessary. Close the lid of the cauldron tight and put it on charcoal fire. Put charcoal all around the cauldron as well and somehow “bury” the cauldron in burning charcoal. That way, the ingredients are cooked through slowly by the charcoal heat and the lamb’s gravy is gradually absorbed by the rice.

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