Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Danish Mother in Iran Delivers Third Child in Ambulance

A pregnant Danish woman, who was being transferred to a medical centre in northern Iran, delivered her third child successfully in the ambulance before arriving at the hospital.

A spokesman for the Disaster and Emergency Medical Management Centre of Mazandaran Province, Zakaria Ashkpour, said on Thursday (April 20) that a Danish woman, who was at the onset of labour, gave birth to her third child successfully in the ambulance en route to a hospital in the northern Iranian province.

According to a Farsi report by IRNA, Ashkpour said on Thursday morning, immediately after the commencement of the woman’s uterine contractions were announced to Amol’s Centre for Emergency Medical Services, Nour Medical Emergency Centre dispatched its technicians to her house.

“After arriving at her residence located in Nour, the emergency team checked the mother’s vital signs and took her into the ambulance.”

On the way to the hospital, her contractions became severer and her pain aggravated, which were indications of the baby coming out, he said.

Fortunately, thanks to the medical consultations provided by the Centre for Emergency Medical Services and preparing the necessary conditions inside the ambulance, she delivered her third child safely and successfully, he added.

He noted that all the necessary moves to provide the infant with postpartum cares, including oral suction, oxygen therapy and keeping the baby warm, were made in the ambulance.

“Currently the child and the mother are both in favourable physical condition and have been transferred to Amol’s Imam Ali Hospital. The baby boy was the Danish mother’s third child. She has been living in Mazandaran province since a while ago.”

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