Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Dampokhtak; Persian Turmeric Rice with Split Fava Bean

Dampokhtak, or Dum Pukht as called in the Indian Subcontinent, is a very simple and popular dish in Iran, which is very easy to make.

Split fava beans, rice, onions and turmeric are used to prepare Dampokhtak.


Dried split fava beans: 2 cups

Rice: 400 grams

Chopped onions: 1 big size

Turmeric: 1 tbsp

Butter or oil: As much as needed

Salt, pepper: As much as needed


To cook Dampokhtak, first wash the rice and soak it for about half an hour. In the meantime, put the pan on the heat and pour some oil into it and sauté the split fava beans beans with some turmeric.

Then, add 3 cups of water and wait for the beans to cook slightly. After some minutes add the soaked rice and some butter to it. Let it boil and then brew it.

Sauté the chopped onions in a little oil and add a little salt to the onions. Now, serve the dish along with hot fried onions.

This dish can be served with fried eggs, pickles, yogurt or Shirazi salad.

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