Saturday, January 28, 2023

Why Does Dad Want the Cooler Off?

Aging reduces men's under-skin fat, thinning their skin and making them more sensitive to chilly air, according to an expert in the field.

Speaking to ISNA, Jafar Navabi, an internist, said elderly fathers are more likely to feel the cold more than others in the house because of their age and the things that occur to their body as they get older.

“As men get older and enter their old age, they see a reduction in their hypodermic fat, which narrows their skin and makes them more susceptible to coldness,” he said.

On the contrary, aging for women means more fat under their skin, leading them to desire cooler temperatures, said the internist.

Furthermore, losing oestrogen over time means that women experience more hot flushes, which can stay with them until very old age.

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