Coronavirus Epidemic Imperils Iranian Newspapers

Iranian Newspapers

A temporary halt in the printing of Iranian newspapers due to Nowruz holidays may get much longer due to the closure of printing houses in the wake of outbreak of coronavirus.

As the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic starts to destroy parts of the struggling media industry in Iran, the country’s dailies may have to stop selling print newspapers in compliance with the social distancing restrictions, imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Reports suggest that a decree issued by the Coronavirus Fight National Headquarters ordering the closure of printing houses has forced the newspapers to keep printing suspended until the restriction ends.

While Iran has temporarily lost its print newspapers, a number of managers of the dailies have made arrangements to publish the electronic version of newspapers.

Iran’s Health Ministry announced on Monday that the coronavirus death toll in the country has risen to 2,757, as the number of infected cases has exceeded 41,000.

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