Sunday, December 10, 2023

Corona Patients May Just Show Non-Pulmonary Symptoms: Expert

An Iranian specialist says non-pulmonary symptoms such as the redness of eyes are among the symptoms of COVID-19, and that the patient with this virus may only show this symptom with no other signs.

Mitra Ranjbar, a specialist of infectious and tropical diseases, said at first it was thought the disease has only respiratory symptoms, but now the non-pulmonary symptoms are among the manifestations of the disease, and one of them is redness of the eyes.

She went on to say that the smell and taste disorder is another symptom of this disease, adding it was thought only children have these disorders, but now these symptoms are also seen in adults.

“Usually, these senses return after the corona patient’s treatment, but the time of return of the sense of smell and taste is different in various patients,” said Ranjbar, a faculty member of Iran University of Medical Sciences.

She described severe headaches as another symptom of COVID-19, underlining that coronavirus can cause inflammation of the brain, and even cerebral hemorrhage has rarely been reported in corona patients.

“The disease affects both the central and peripheral nerves of the body. Weakness of the lower limbs, gait disturbances and disturbances in the peripheral nerves can be symptoms of corona disease. It can sometimes be started by chest pain and heart problems.”

Ranjbar also mentioned abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting as other manifestations of the disease. She said the disease has skin manifestations, but usually these complications can be caused by the use of drugs that are used to treat the disease.

She stressed the need to observe the principles of personal hygiene, including hand washing with soap and water, saying currently the use of masks is emphasised and people must wear masks in crowded environments, including subways and buses.

Some people are asymptomatic, she said, adding these people are one of the most important sources of the virus; therefore, the use of masks is essential for all people.

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