Laughter Therapy Becoming All the Rage in Iran

Laughter has long been believed to be the best medicine for all diseases, and is said to be a major contributor to the proper functioning of the human body.

First Iranian Female Miner Talks of Her Adventure

Mahnaz Mirzaee is the first Iranian woman miner and has been promoted to the position of the mine chief after 14 years now.

Ultra-Flexible Girl Stuns Audiences at Iranian Got Talent Show

Zahra Beyrami is an ultra-flexible little whose performance at an Iranian talent show, named Asr-e Jadid (New Age), has amazed the audiences and gone viral on Iranian social media.

‘Cosmetic Surgery More Widespread among Uncultured Women’

A research study carried out in Iran, which is globally known as a hub of cosmetic surgeries, has revealed that women who have such surgeries enjoy fewer cultural assets.

Story of First Muslim Woman Who Cycled the World

Poupeh, an Iranian lady who has gone down in history as the first Muslim woman to have cycled around the world, recounts how her wanderlust and love for peace pushed her to begin a solo journey to different world continents with a bicycle.

Iranian Teacher Selling Solar Energy to Support Poor Kids

A teacher in Sistan and Baluchistan province in south-east of Iran has begun to work on electricity production to help the needy schoolchildren.

Iranian Physician Sings to Patients to Make Them Happy

An Iranian physician boosts his patients’ morale by singing songs for them, a video of which has gone viral on the social media in recent weeks.

Lazy People Joining Together to Stop Being Idle

A group of lazy people have launched an Anonymous Idle Society since three years ago in order find ways to get rid of their problems, some of which are quite funny.
Iranian Girl Proves Disability Is Not Obstacle to Success

Iranian Girl Proves Disability Is Not Obstacle to Success

Spinal muscular atrophy or SMA is a rare neuromuscular disorder that often leads to early death. The disorder is caused by a genetic defect. However, there are people who are suffering from the disease and are living a normal life.

‘Spider Woman’ Says Finds Peace of Mind in Climbing Buildings

It has been five years since Farzaneh Attarbashi started to climb skyscrapers in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad for a living, spending hours hanging in the air while welding, drilling and installing glasses on windows.

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