Friday, September 29, 2023

‘Smiling Challenge’ to Combat Coronavirus Going Viral in Iran

A challenge has become viral on social media networks which calls on Iranian people to smile to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus smile challenge seeks to dispel grief and despair and inject hope into citizens’ minds.

More than ten days on since the coronavirus set foot in Iran, the uninvited guest has broken into 60 countries so far.

After the disease broke out in Iran, the government mobilized all its resources to combat the virus. A national committee chaired by the health minister was also set up to tackle the epidemic. The committee is working round the clock, planning to combat the disease.

‘Smiling Challenge’ to Combat Coronavirus Going Viral in IranThe phrase “home quarantine” could sound frightening at first. However, Iranians, who are known for their sense of humour across the world, made “home quarantine” the subject of many jokes, which one can see by visiting social media.

Meanwhile, many citizens who have stayed indoors to keep the coronavirus at bay, have launched a “smiling challenge” in social media, especially on Instagram, to combat the disease and remind people that “Laughter is the best medicine.”

What is the #Smile Challenge?

The challenge invites us to post on Instagram a photo showing us smiling, and then tag our friends and ask them to post a similar photo of theirs on their Instagram page, and also to ask their friends, too, to accept the challenge and follow suit. That would increase the number of photos which show people smiling, which could be replaced by disappointing news that we read every day.

‘Smiling Challenge’ to Combat Coronavirus Going Viral in IranA large number of ordinary people as well as celebrities have joined the challenge. Some members of parliament have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Nevertheless, some have criticized the move, arguing that it shows indifference toward, and ignorance of the problems gripping the society.

All that said, the challenge is one which has emerged from the hearts of people. Although it cannot be an antitoxin against the coronavirus, the challenge can tackle the widespread disappointment which has gripped most of the population.

‘Smiling Challenge’ to Combat Coronavirus Going Viral in Iran

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