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Luxurious Yet Fun Gadgets for Your Pets

Having a pet is like having a child. You care for their well-being and sometimes, you splurge and get expensive and luxurious gadgets that you know you can utilize with them. However, they are fun to use and can even sometimes make life much easier.

1- Water Fountain

Cats, in general, do not enjoy drinking from still water. Water that has been in their bowl for a length of time can harm them if they try drinking it. This is why cats enjoy drinking from faucets or in other words, running water. To keep your cat hydrated, you can get its very own cat water fountain. Keeping your cat hydrated, especially if you are away most of the time, is very important. Different health issues can arise simply because of a cat’s need for water throughout the day. There are different types of cat water fountains out there varying in cost, shape, size, and quality. If you are worried about choosing the right water fountain for your cat, you can look up reviews on the internet for better understanding.


2- Automatic Tennis Ball Cannon

Playing with your pet strengthens the bond between you. You both have a blast throwing balls and sticks for them to fetch. Sometimes, you might be too busy to play or might be feeling tired and don’t have the energy to throw around a tennis ball. If this is a recurring thing, then you can get an automatic tennis ball cannon. This will allow your pet to have fun while you save your energy or finish other tasks you have for the day.


3- Litter Robot

This is for all those cat owners who are too busy to clean litter boxes or simply hate the task of doing this chore. A litter robot is a litter box that cleans itself. The box rotates after the cat leaves, then using a filter, it separates the litter from the wastes and deposits the waste in a removable bag that can be easily thrown away.


4- Remote Pet Feeder

If you are staying away from home and have left your pets, you do not have to worry about them because now you can feed them and keep track of them through a remote pet feeder. Some remote pet feeders are set with a timer, while others deposit food intO your pet’s bowl, using a mobile app, which you can also use to get a live video feed of your cat or dog while it is eating.


5- Dog Shower Stall

Dogs are known for being messy pets. Sometimes, even cleaning them can create a huge mess of soap and water everywhere. While some people have a yard, thus, don’t mind water and soap getting everywhere, people living in apartments have an issue with such a mess being all over their bathroom or any room for that matter. A dog shower stall prevents such messes because just like a regular shower stall, it keeps the water from going all over the place.


6- Heated Pet Bed

The winter months can be harsh on your pet, especially if you live somewhere with really cold weather. To keep your pet warm and cozy, you can get them a heated pet bed. Using a heating pad, the bed can keep your dog or cat warm throughout the cold months and stops you from worrying about your pets getting sick due to not being warm enough.

Luxurious Yet Fun Gadgets for Your Pets7- Smart Dog Collar

A smart dog collar will save you the worry and stress of losing your dog. By getting a smart dog collar for your dog, you can keep track of its location all the time. You can also keep track of its level of activity. This can help you if your dog ever gets lost since you can easily use the GPS tracker to find it.


8- Interactive Toys

You can get other interactive toys just like the automatic tennis ball thrower for any pet you have. For example, you can get your cat an automated ambush gadget in which a bundle of colorful feathers or a toy mouse is attached to a robot that turns and moves around tempting your feline friend into attacking it.


9- Smart Cat Flap

If you are worried about other animals coming into your home, but still want your cat to come and go as they please, then you can get a smart cat flap. This cat flap uses a signal received from the collar of your pet, to open. If the animal trying to go in does not have the specific collar on, then the flap won’t open.


Whether you have cats or dogs, these gadgets are going to change your pet’s life for the better. These nine gadgets may seem over-the-top and quite luxurious, but at the end of the day, they are beneficial to both pets and their owners. They keep pet owners from worrying about their pet’s health, wellbeing, and happiness.


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