Sunday, December 10, 2023

Iran’s Only Baby Chimp Survives Premature Birth, Poor Health

Baran is the only baby chimpanzee in Iran whose life was saved by a veterinarian right after its premature delivery and is now kept at Eram Zoo in the capital, Tehran.

Now, Baran regards the vet as his father. Baran has visited the vet in his home in line with efforts to form a 3,000-strong campaign to help the baby chimp survive.

Baran has been living under the special care of a vet for three years now due to its physical problems.Iran’s Only Baby Chimp Survives Premature Birth, Poor Health 3

Naturally, baby chimpanzees should spend five years with their mothers.

However, the poor conditions in which chimpanzees are kept in cages at Eram Zoo have led Baran’s mother and other members of the chimpanzees’ group there to become aggressive and kill their babies over the past 19 years.

In the past two decades, Baran was the only baby chimp which, despite its premature delivery, managed to survive as it was separated from the chimpanzees’ group right the first day of its birth.

Nevertheless, it has been merely the vet’s special care which has helped the baby chimp stay alive until now when it is 3 years old.

The vet was taking care of the baby chimp until he himself fell ill and had to leave the zoo.
The, zoo official have allowed the chimp to leave the zoo to stay with the vet temporarily as Baran is attached to the vet.

However, the vet must return Baran to the zoo after the designated time.

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