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In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 Quarantine

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and the spread of the pandemic, the first advice to cut off the contagion chain is to stay home. In such circumstances, the place in which people live and the objects with which they are in touch are redefined, and will have a new and perhaps different meaning.

As the quarantine period gets longer, people try to build a new form of life at home. The photos and posts you see below have been taken by various individuals at home quarantine at the request of Iranian photographer Peyman Yazdani. These photos have been published by ISNA.

According to Yazdani, the designer of the project, due to the quarantine conditions, the photographs have been taken from people’s belongings by mobile phones. The least editing has been applied to the photos so that they tell their own stories.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineFatemeh, 26, USA: I was a journalist in Iran, but since I came here six months ago I have been working in a perfume shop. It’s the first Nowruz at my home. I never thought that the constant connection with different people, who were always my source of energy, would one day become my biggest fear. Nevertheless, I try to think of the good part. We found the Haft-Seen tableware and Sabzi Polo (Herb rice) with fish. So there is still hope, and life is going on.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineMaryam, 30, Karaj: I spend quarantine days with my mom and dad at home. My life is almost out of order, but it is not too bad. I telework throughout the day and then spend time with my friends via video calls, exercise, read books, watch movies, and play online video games.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineVaran, 31, Tehran: I’m a motion graphic designer. I’ve been teleworking for two weeks now. Staying at home has allowed me to make exciting snacks such as cakes and sweets and paint more.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineFarid, 31, Sanandaj: Except for eating and using the washroom, I don’t get out of my room to avoid dealing with mom’s repeated questions about VPN and opening her Telegram application. I play most of the music albums I’ve collected before and haven’t had the chance to listen. I sleep almost in the morning and when I get up at noon the first thing I do is to open the window and play a song by Shajarian with the volume turned up.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineArash, 28, Rasht: I have a cafe in Rasht. It’s been a few weeks the cafe is closed down and we are at home. We’re busy with movies, books and mobile phones. Last week, my father died of corona disease, and since then we have spent days with boredom, grief and respiratory problems. All the time we are worried that another family member may also get infected.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineMonir, 43, Infected & in Home Quarantine, Dige Sara Village, Talesh: I was a presidential officer, but I resigned. During these days, my lungs became painful and breathing was very difficult. I was almost dying. I was admitted at hospital twice and then released. It is not easy for me to write because my hands are trembling. This situation became really weird. I thought if I write about these days, my writings would be mistaken for an imaginary story. But the reality is that I lived in this imaginary story for many days.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineSepideh, 33, Hamadan: I’m a graphic designer. If I was told someday I would think about washing my hand with soap for twenty seconds before touching my stuff, I never believed that. I never imagined one day my only worry would be how to disinfect my stuff. In the early days of quarantine, I preferred not to touch my belongings. Sometimes I thought I’m crazy. I was wondering if others disinfect their belongings in the same way!


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineAzam, 35, Tehran: I’m a teacher. I’ve been checking out my students’ lessons online these days, which is a lot harder for me than teaching in classroom. As it is not allowed to wear nail polish at school, I did it every day at home and enjoyed! I did more exercise and read books.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineMaryam, 33, Tehran: In the morning, she asks “Mom, where are you?”. I go to get her out of bed. First of all, we check that “today is a vacation day again; we are not going to daycare because of the disease outbreak; Mom is not going to work; Dad is going, we are not going to the park, Armita is home too.” Bleacher and alcohol mixed with water will be sprayed four or five times a day. “Mommy what’s the smell?” And every time I explain the odor of the sickness that has forced us to stay home. During the two years and four months that she is also a member of the family, we have never been so close!


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineNima, 34, USA: I was locked up in my friend’s studio flat to finish a video project. I spend most of my time alone. I watch movies at night and write stories of fears about this clever virus. I eat vitamin C, as my father said, and take vitamin D as my Mom recommended.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 Quarantine

Mahtab, 32, Tehran: I used to be an economic journalist, but now I’m staying home because of corona. Corona made me face my fears! My mom went to her mom’s house and my brother went to his friends’, and I stayed home and lived the biggest fear of my life: loneliness. At first I was scared at nights; I was turning on all the house lights. I was panting with the slightest sound and my heart rate was going up! Two weeks have passed since the first day, and I have embraced the biggest fear of my life.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantineShermin, 43, Tehran: I’m a writer. A few times a day I do divination via Hafez for myself, the city, and the people I know and don’t know. I read books. I pick the first one and drop it, I pick the second one and drop it again and then start to write. I talk to the walls and the bird sitting in the yard. I listen to the crow sitting on the persimmon tree. And finally again divination via Hafez! I turn on the light and open the book I dropped in the morning. I put my head on the book and fall asleep.


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 Quarantine

Kourosh, 30, Tehran: I’m a writer and a filmmaker. These days I think of myself, the people around me and my life more than ever. I enjoy cooking, I take care of my flowers, I watch movies, I read some of hundreds of unread books. And of course in the healthiest and cleanest way in my life!


In Pictures: How Iranians Cope with COVID-19 QuarantinePeyman, Photographer, 30: Partial quarantine these days is accompanied by the cessation of several work projects. On the other hand, March and April always was the time to travel and do street photography. This time of year, I used to travel south or wander through the streets of Tehran. Then I started to think I have to spend these days anyhow. So I started exercising at home, thinking about my photography project more seriously, and trying to cook new foods I hadn’t tried. All in all, with all the hardships of staying home, these days are passing differently.

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