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Campaign to Save Freedom Tower Launched

Cultural heritage advocates launch a campaign to save Tehran’s Freedom Tower.

A number of cultural heritage advocates and media activists have launched a campaign to prevent Tehran’s Freedom Tower, a landmark of the capital, from falling into disrepair. A statement issued by the group has called on appropriate officials to renovate the huge structure, declare the area under its arch off-limits to cars and eventually order the formation of a board to manage and safeguard the landmark. The following is a report the Cultural Heritage News Agency released on the story on July 16, 2014:

A statement signed by a number of cultural heritage advocates said, “As a landmark known around the world, Tehran’s Freedom Tower requires more official attention these days. Over the years, this monumental building has eroded and previous renovations seem to have been unable to prevent further damage.”

[…] The statement went on to say, “Freedom Square which is unique in structure and vast in area does have the potential to be used as a venue for cultural interactions. But inaccessibility, penetration of water into parts of the square and the fact that it has turned into a heavily-trafficked rotary of the capital are a source of concern for activists bent on protecting the country’s cultural heritage.”

The signatories called for “additional attention to this precious landmark by the City Council, Tehran Municipality and the Cultural Heritage Organization” and said, “Renovation of the tower under the supervision of veteran experts is the most urgent need of the landmark at the moment.”

The statement also appealed to Tehran Municipality to put a second phase of the square’s gentrification project on fast track. Earlier the municipality had been tasked with renovating the tower and widening the streets around it to keep vehicular traffic as far away as possible from the tower.


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