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Book to convey Iranian children’s peace message to World Cup

An Iranian book “Ice Who Fell in Love with the Sun” will be goodwill ambassador to represent Iranian children in the world cup 2014.

 With cooperation of some organizations and ministries and Iran’s Football Federation the book will be a gift to the Brazilian children via Iranian football players.

The Portuguese translation will be unveiled today with some officials attending the introduction ceremony.

Ice Who Fell in Love with the Sun, written by Reza Mozouni and illustrated by Meisam Mousavi,  narrates a story of a piece of ice who falls in  love with the Sun; a love which lives longer till the coming of spring pleasant sunny days.

The story propagates themes of friendship and affection. In a part of the story the ice whispers “what is the benefit of a life without loving others? What is the benefit of a life loving someone and not looking at the beloved?”

The Portuguese version will be sent to Brazil as a gift to the Brazilian children.

Back cover text in Portuguese addresses the Brazilian children. “My dear friend, I know what you are thinking about. I am also thinking about you and the sun which is smiling to the whole world. We are distant lovers and cannot shake hands; so let’s think a lot about one another,” it reads.

Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults published the book and invited the Brazilian ambassador to Tehran to attend the unveiling ceremony of the book.

The Spanish version of the book had been already published.

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