Thursday, November 30, 2023

Biden Must Return US to Pre-Trump Era: Zarif

The Iranian foreign minister has urged the new US administration to fulfill Washington’s commitments and lift sanctions on Iran, returning to the pre-Trump era.

Mohammad Javad Zarif noted Iran will fully abide by its obligations if the US does so.

“As we have said before, as soon as the United States begins to make good on its commitments and we see its result, i.e., when the US lifts the sanctions, we will fulfill all of our obligations,” said Zarif. 

“This is something that the highest-ranking authority in Iran, the Supreme Leader [Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei] has said, and that is the final say to the whole world. That means they should know that Iran will remain committed to its obligations,” he added.

“The only thing that Biden should to is to return the conditions to the same as they were before the wicked tenure of Mr. Trump,” said the top diplomat.

“They themselves believe Trump has destroyed democracy and the pillars of the United States’ credibility, if any. This is something that they themselves should take care of. It is not our problem. It is their problem. We have straightforwardly announced that we will do whatever we are supposed to,” he explained.

Zarif underscored said the Biden administration should not only talk the talk, but should walk the walk.

“We don’t want paperwork, we don’t want signatures, but we want action,” he said.

“In the past, we wanted practical action, too. This time, also, we want action. This is mentioned in the JCPOA itself. We will see what the result will be, not what they simply announce they will do,” he said.

“This applies to both the Europeans and the Americans,” he said. 

“I ask our folks inside the country as well as foreign sides to go and read Appendix II of the JCPOA in which it is stipulated that what matters is the outcome. Now, we are waiting to see the outcome as well,” he said.

“If we see the side which has broken the law has now done something which has produced a result, we will deliver on our commitments, too,” the top diplomat added.

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