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Benefactors, people and village councils are to help pave dirt roads in rural areas

Members of the public contribute to efforts to pave dirt roads and thus reduce road accidents.

Vatan-e Emrooz daily featured a brief report on 24 August, 2014 on public contribution to the improvement of rural roads. The following are comments by deputy transport minister in that regard:

“Some benefactors have signed up to make contributions to the pavement of roads in rural areas in the provinces of Fars, Hormozgan, Khorasan Razavi and Isfahan,” said deputy transport minister Seyyed Hossein Mirshafi.

Speaking about a plan designed to maintain rural roads by means of contributions by the public and village councils, he said, “One of the measures adopted to bring down the number of road accidents and thus casualties is massive public contribution to the pavement of dirt roads.”

Pointing out that the maintenance of rural roads within villages is taken care of by villagers and those in charge of village councils, he went on to say, “The major issue on the agenda this year is the maintenance of rural roads with the help of the public and village councils. In doing so, we are going to collaborate with village and city councils across the county to tap into all present potential.”

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