Tuesday, April 23, 2024

“Azerbaijan not responding to proposal to probe embassy attack”

Nour News, an Iranian media outlet affiliated with the country's Supreme National Security Council, says the Republic of Azerbaijan has not responded to a proposal from the Islamic Republic of Iran to participate in a probe into the recent attack on the Azeri embassy in Tehran.

Nour News described the proposal as generous and brotherly, adding that Baku’s decline to respond to the offer was surprising and questionable.

The attack on the Azeri embassy happened last Friday.

The attacker was armed with a Klashnikov rifle and killed an embassy staffer and wounded two others. Immediately after the attack, Azerbaijan evacated the embassy and has thus far ignored Iran’s calls for the return of its diplomatic staff.

The assailant said he did the attack because the Azerbaijani embassy ignored his requests for information about his wife who had earlier gone to Azerbaijan.

The man added that his wife, who is from Azerbaijan, went to the embassy and suddenly ended up in Baku. He also said the woman managed to leave Iran with the help of his relatives.

The man has two kids who were with him in his car before he parked it outside the embassy to carry out the shooting at the diplomatic mission.

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