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Assyrian Iranians mark thousand-year ceremonies in NW Iran

Assyrians in the northwestern Iranian province of West Azerbaijan held a thousand-year ritual honoring the Saints of the Church. The event was held on Sunday evening at Mardanial church in Urmia, the provincial capital.

Besides paying respect to the status of the Saint, they held annual ceremonies and traditions, including lighting candles, performing the Sacrament and slaughtering sacrifices.

Assyrians have been performing the ceremonies for more than a thousand years, called Shanader in local Azeri language.

The participants in this ceremony also spent a few hours with their relatives and friends. Among those present, there were some Assyrian Iranians who had migrated abroad but returned to Urmia to attend this ceremony.

Similar ceremonies are simultaneously held in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and all other countries that are affiliated to the East Assyrian Church.

The ceremony is held on the passing anniversary of Church Saints having two spiritual and social dimensions.

The spiritual aspect includes saying prayers, making vows and sacrifices, and the distribution of charity food.

As for the social aspect, which occurs on the evening of the day, Assyrians gather together in the church grounds or other places to see each other and reunite.

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