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Ash-e Doogh; Delicious Soup Popular in Iran’s Ardabil

Ash-e-Doogh or “sour yogurt soup” is a very popular and nutritious dish which originates from Iran’s Ardabil province in the northwest of the country.

The soup is the most famous in Ardabil and has many fans in the Azari region of the Islamic Republic. Its main ingredients are peas, rice, homemade doogh (yogurt drink), yogurt, vegetables including chives, coriander and fresh garlic leaves, etc. Some people also add meat balls to the white soup.

It is often served in cold winter days and at family gatherings at nights. It is interesting to know that many cities and villages in Iran have their own forms of Ash-e Doogh.

Ash-e Doogh; Delicious Soup Popular in Iran’s Ardabil


Peas: 250 gr.

Vegetables: 700 gr.

Rice: 1 cup

Doogh: 2 litres

Salt, Pepper, Fresh chopped garlic: As much as needed



Put the peas in water the night before and change the water a few times. Soak the rice the night before with water and some salt.

Cook the peas in a suitable container filled with 6 cups of water. After the peas are almost cooked, add the rice and wait until it is cooked well. Be careful not to have too much water and leave space for doogh as well.

Add chopped veggies to the soup and leave the container half-open so that the vegetables do not get a dark colour. 15 minutes before the soup gets ready, add the doogh and stir constantly.

When you add the doogh, the container should be completely open so that the doogh does not undergo chemical changes. After about 15 minutes, add salt and pepper.

When serving, add fresh chopped garlic to it. In the end, pour the soup into a dish and decorate it with sautéed mint.

Ash-e Doogh; Delicious Soup Popular in Iran’s Ardabil

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