Thursday, February 29, 2024

Alan Eyre rejects Iranian guard’s presence in US

Alan Eyre has rejected all news going on wire on Iranian guard keeper’s application for asylum in the US.

US foreign ministry’s Farsi spokesman told Mehr News that Iranian guard, who had been already abducted by a terrorist group named Jaysh Al-Adl on Iran-Pakistan borders, did not apply for any asylum in the US.

Asked about the probability of Jamshid Danaeifar’s asylum in the US, Alan Eyre told Mehr News correspondent that “I have also read some reports of Farsi media over this news but do not admit it.”

The head of information center of Iran’s ministry of interior had already told Mehr News that some Farsi websites outside the country published the news of Iranian abducted guard’s application for asylum in the US. “The source of such news is illegal and there is no credential or report admitting it,” said Ruhollah Jomei and added that “we keep pursuing Danaeifar’s case and Pakistan’s government is responsible for the matter.”

Jaysh Al-Adl terrorist group abducted Five Iranian border guards in February on Iran, Pakistan borders and transferred them into Pakistan. Four out of five guards were released on April and transferred back to the country but one of them, Jamshid Danaeifar, has not been released yet. The terrorist group had claimed killing of the fifth border guard.

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