Monday, June 24, 2024

Advisor to Iran Leader says Russia’s support of Arab states’ claim about Iranian islands shows “naiveté”  

A senior advisor to Iran’s leader has said it was naïve of Russia to fall into the trap of the GCC regarding the three islands of the Lesser Tunb, the Greater Tunb and Abu Mousa, which are an integral part of Iran.

Ali Akbar Velayati was referring to the joint statement of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council member states and Russia in support of the United Arab Emirates’ claim to the islands.

Addressing Russia, Velayati said, “Don’t be naïve”.

He further cited the historical records that confirm Iran’s sovereignty over the islands, saying the Russian’s fell into the same trap that the Chinese did several months ago.

Velayati noted that the Russians think they will have profitable economic ties with the Emiratis if they support such irrelevant claims.

He said the Russians just do not have deep understanding of the regional countries.

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