A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on May 11

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 23 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iranian newspapers on Wednesday focused on President Rouhani’s remarks on the country’s determination to reclaim its rights in the legal dispute with the US.

They also covered an interview with MP Gholam-Hossein Mesbahi Moqaddam, who has revealed a controversial nuclear report made by former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Supreme Leader.

Another top story was about the statements made by Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Chief Ali Akbar Salehi, who said the country will proceed with caution in dealing with the US, particularly when it comes to selling heavy water to Washington.



1- Rouhani: Report to Be Published on Negligence of Certain People in Seizure of Iran’s Assets

2- Iran to Exercise Caution in Selling Heavy Water to US: Salehi




Abrar-e Eqtesadi:

1- Iran to Exchange Crude Oil with Swiss Petrol

2- [French automaker] Citroen and [Iran’s second largest car manufacturer] Saipa Sign Contract

3- Ahmadinejad’s Misguided Policies Weakened Iran’s Banking System




Aftab-e Yazd:

1- $3bn Illicit Drug Market in Iran

2- 10% of Abortions Performed with Parents’ Consent

3- Prosecutor-General: If Athletes Take Part in Inappropriate Gatherings, We’ll Publish Their Names




Arman-e Emrooz:

1- Victims of Abortion 15 Times More than Those of Car Accidents: 220,000 Illegal Abortions Yearly

2- IRIB Keeps Quiet over Speculations about Chief

3- Takfiri Terrorists Hold Bodies of 12 Iranian Advisors Killed in Syria





1- John Kerry to Convince European Bankers to Cooperate with Iran

2- Istanbul Mayor Praises Tehran’s Beauty, Modernity, and Development

3- Gov’t Not Satisfied with Babak Zanjani’s Death Penalty: Lawyer

4- Heads of Indian Ocean Free Trade Zones to Convene in Iran’s Chabahar

5- The JCPOA, a Model for Interaction




Asr-e Rasaneh:

1- Iran’s LPG Export Capacity to Reach 5m Tons/ Year

2- Iran Provides World’s Third Cheapest Mobile Internet

3- $3.4bn of Foreign Investment Attracted to Iran





1- Ahmadinejad Does Not Deserve to Return: MP

2- Iran’s Mahdavikia Invited to Play for FIFA’s All Star Team





1- Ayatollah Rafsanjani and General Soleimani are the Pride of Kerman: President





1- Worrying Statistics of Increasing Marriage Age

2- 30 Tons of Medicine Used Annually for Drug Addiction Treatment

3- Book Sales in Tehran Book Fair Break Records





1- Babak Zanjani’s Debts More than Wealth of World’s 1,000 Billionaires

2- Cleric MP Exposes Ahmadinejad’s Controversial Nuclear Report to Leader





1- Iran to Sue US in International Court: President Rouhani

2- Big Change in Iran’s Taxation System to Begin in Early 2017: Minister

3- Syrian Jet Fighters Pound Terrorists’ Positions in Khan Touman

4- “Friendship” Satellite Ready to Be Launched





1- Hush! Listen to Neda’s Silence! [A 9-year-old girl in a village in Zanjan had been harassed by her teacher several times. She finally informed her mother, and now the case is being pursued]

2- Iranians Have Become Kinder to Wildlife

3- President Rouhani Vows to Reclaim Iran’s Money from US: We’ll Spare No Effort in Restoring Our Rights





1- Iran-US Dispute in The Hague

2- War of Words between Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Donald Trump

3- Water Crisis in Tehran Still Serious

4- Secrets behind Khan Touman Plot





1- If US Makes Any Mistake [in Persian Gulf], Its Warships Will Be Sunk: IRGC Navy Commander

2- Iran Ready to Host Int’l Conference of Fight against Corruption

3- Increase in European Countries’ Willingness to Exit European Union





1- Asghar Farhadi’s Salesman Starts Competition with 20 Films in Cannes Festival




Jam-e Jam:

1- Test of Iran’s Legal Defence Capabilities: Will Iran Manage to Recover the $2bn?





1- In Reaction to US Stonewalling: Cautious JCPOA Implementation on Iran’s Agenda

2- Iran to Proceed with Caution in Selling Its Heavy Water to the “Thief”

3- Afghan Immigrants Enjoy Unique Facilities in Iran

4- IRGC Always a Pioneer in Solving Iran’s Problems:  President

5- The IRGC, from Assaluyeh [southern Iranian town, home to giant gas fields] to Aleppo [where Iranian advisors are helping the Syrian Army in their fight against terrorism]

6- Iran’s Arbitration Board Backs Guardian Council, Approves Minoo Khaleghi Parliamentary Disqualification




Jomhouri Eslami:

1- Government’s Extensive Plans for Accelerated Development of Kerman

2- Israeli Officers Train Emirati Forces

3- American Military to Stay in Yemen





1- Obama Hopes JCPOA Will Liberalize Iran

2- Resistance Front Takes Revenge: 500 Terrorists Killed in Khan Touman

3- Saudi Gov’t to Go Bankrupt in 3 Years: Western Analyst

4- Retired US General: We Created ISIS to Fight Hezbollah





1- Tehran’s Prosecutor-General Warns Celebrities against Attending Improper Gatherings

2- Iran Gives 10-Day Ultimatum to Saudi Arabia over Hajj Issue





1- Internet Users Breaking Records: Iran Ranks 13th in World Internet Use





1- Women and Children Die in Accidents 14 Times More than Men

2- Double-Standards of Brands for Iranians and non-Iranians





1- [Afghan 6-year-old girl] “Setayesh” [who was recently raped and murdered] Was a Victim of Treating Immigrants Like 2nd-Class Citizens: Analyst






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