A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on July 9

Iranian Newspapers

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Thursday, July 9, 2020, and picked headlines from 13 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iranian Newspapers

Abrar Newspaper:

1- Iran’s COVID-19 Death Toll Surpasses 12,000

2- WHO: We Are Yet to Reach Peak of Coronavirus Outbreak

3- New Era of Sanctions ‘Special’: Iran First VP


Afkar Newspaper:

1- Mousavi: Claims about 25-Year Deal with China Don’t Even Merit a Denial


Ebtekar Newspaper:

1- Rouhani’s Message of Friendship to Former Rivals

* Rouhani: We Seek Close Ties with Other Branches of Power

2- China’s Role in US Political System: Who Will Beijing Support in Nov. Elections?


Etemad Newspaper:

1- Iran Eyeing Export of 8.5 Million Barrels of Oil

* Will Iran’s Oil Output Change after Deal with China?


Ettela’at Newspaper:

1- Rouhani: It’s No Time for Political Fights Now

2- US Officially Withdraws from WHO

3- Nasrallah: US Had Better Not Waste Its Time; Hezbollah Won’t Give Up


Iran Newspaper:

1- Rouhani’s Chief of Staff: Efforts Underway to Destroy Iran-China Ties

2- No Time for Political Infighting: Rouhani

3- Government of Withdrawals: Trump Takes US Out of WHO


Jame Jam Newspaper:

1- US’ Operation to Revive ISIS: Trump Seeking to Reproduce Terror Groups in Iraq, Syria


Javan Newspaper:

1- Nasrallah Declares Economic Jihad on Anniv. of 33-Day War

2- Tehran on Verge of Full Lockdown

* Health Minister: If We’re Defeated by COVID-19, It’s Because of Sanctions-Hit Economy


Jomhouri Eslami Newspaper:

1- President Defends Foreign Ministry’s Performance

2- Lebanese Protest at US General’s Trip to Beirut


Kayhan Newspaper:

1- Iran-China Cooperation Deal Outrages US Even Before Being Implemented

2- Coronavirus Hits Japan Economy: 780 Companies Go Bankrupt


Sazandegi Newspaper:

1- US Withdrawal from WHO in Protest at Its Cooperation with China


Shargh Newspaper:

1- They Try to Disrupt Iran’s Ties with China, Russia: Vaezi

2- Risks of a Deal: Will China Repeat Its Trick of Possessing Major Ports of the World in Deal with Iran?


Vatan-e Emrooz Newspaper:

1- You’re Free to Swear: US Election Campaigns Turn into Scene for Swear Words by Candidates

Hedieh Lahiji is an Iranian journalist who mainly reports the latest developments in science and technology. Her work in the IFP is mainly focused on the coverage of Iranian knowledge-based companies and their scientific achievements.


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