A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on April 7

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Thursday and picked headlines from 23 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

On Thursday, most Iranian papers highlighted Supreme Leader’s meeting with the Islamic Republic officials. In the meeting the leader underscored his support for any measure that would help solve the nation’s problems. Also, the US mischief regarding implementation of the nuclear deal took many headlines on the day.

Here are the top headlines:



  1. US, Russia nuclear scientists maintain cooperation
  2. FM Zarif heads to Baku
  3. Afghanistan not willing to settle water money to Sistan Province: MP
  4. US denies any access to financial system by Iran
  5. IRGC to stick to missile program: Commander
  6. NATO urges Azerbaijan, Armenia to respect cease-fire
  7. Spanish delegation meets Iran nuclear officials




Abrar Eghtesadi:

  1. Iran plans to boost oil recovery from joint fields by 1mbd
  2. Iran doubles imports from US





  1. Iran launches Octogen modern explosives factory
  2. Salehi: Some view JCPOA only politically
  3. Obama warns of canceling Iran deal
  4. Countdown starts for full liberation of Iraqi city Hit





  1. VEEP says banking system to overhaul in new year
  2. Iran, Europe ink fresh crude oil deal
  3. Salehi: Some worriers (gov’t critics) cannot be persuaded
  4. MP forbids extension of election tensions to society
  5. Iran devises masterplan to support women socially
  6. Reza Attaran: Iran’s most expensive, lucrative actor
  7. 2.72 million jobless persons in Iran: data




Arman-e Emrouz:

  1. Hashemi calls on nation’s sages [to address internal disputes]
  2. Iran exports to US grow 6-fold
  3. Principalists take U-turn for Ahmadinejad
  4. Expert says political conditions bring Ahmadinejad back to power
  5. Leader says supports any measure to solve nation’s problems
  6. The story behind IRR2,500k subsidy handout promise





  1. Leader: Officials unanimously agree on revolution’s chief goals
  2. Tehran seeks restoration of peace, stability in region: Rouhani
  3. Ambitions of a waste collector
  4. Let world not suspect our integrity: Rafsanjani
  5. First women candidates vie for UN secretary general post





  1. Iran unemployment rate at %11 for previous calendar year [ended March 19]
  2. Disrupters of development must be responsive to future generations: VEEP
  3. Yemeni missile kills 70 Saudi mercenaries
  4. Deputy interior minister calls for revision to election law
  5. Ruling issued to destroy hotel built near Jajroud river

The building of the hotel was in a land that trespassed the river’s territory

  1. Viewpoint: Russian market, opportunity that must be missed





  1. Zarif attends strategic meeting in Baku
  2. I have never been and will never be a man of factions: Rafsanjani
  3. No reason for my disqualification: Ahmadinejad
  4. Employment data

The rate of unemployment was 11% for the previous Iranian calendar year which ended on March 19, statistics data showed. 667,000 jobs were created during the year and 214,000 new job seekers were added to the population.


etemad daily






  1. Illegal drug trade online
  2. 30% of Tehran mines idle





  1. Leader calls on officials to move in line with Revolution’s goals
  2. 309 projects to curb corruption in Iran
  3. Liver-eating terrorist killed in Syria
  4. French youth hold big demo to protest labor law reforms





  1. Iran can become East’s cinema hub: actor
  2. Iran curbs agricultural imports
  3. Talks with Saudi Arabia for ending pilgrimage suspension
  4. Interview with two Iranian women athletes who are heading to Olympic games

Dream of shooting Rio Olympic medal

  1. Iran gives private sector much ground to operate





  1. Deal on paper; dishonoring promises in action
  2. Solving nation’s problems: Leader stresses
  3. Unemployment grows
  4. Iran to snapback nuclear activities in case of JCPOA violation: Viewpoint




Jomhouri Islami:

  1. I will support any move to solve people’s problems: Leader said in a meeting of officials
  2. Arabs can never solve Palestinian issue: Arab League Secretary General
  3. Disclosed: Saudi plot to curb Iran oil exports
  4. Housing market no more bearish by March 2017





  1. Compromise of shaky Saudi Arabi with Ansarallah
  2. English thread renders Iranian workers jobless
  3. No “yellow cake” in Nuclear Iran celebration





  1. Admin resolved to revive idle production units
  2. Iran, Total in talks for erecting petchem plant
  3. Iran to remove 30% of population from list of subsidy receivers





  1. Leader to officials: Rely on domestic capabilities instead of trusting US
  2. Suicide attack kills 30 ISIL members





US says will veto sale of Su-30 jets to Iran




Rah-e Mardom:

  1. Report reviews national TV’s Nowruz performance
  2. Salehi: Criticism is good if does not lead to internal disputes
  3. 30% of citizens use metro





  1. US to maintain anti-Iran pressure
  2. Salehi: Our mistakes will involve the whole nation
  3. Women’s role in resistive economy
  4. House of Saud in shock
  5. Grip of economic crisis on Italy



Rooyesh Mellat:

Kerry: Assad must go

Kerry’s remarks come only a few days to Syrian peace talks





  1. Economy of resistance dependent on ethics, culture, empathy: Rouhani
  2. Heave diplomatic traffic in Tehran
  3. Saudi raid on oil market





  1. India shirks repaying oil debts to Iran
  2. Warning against online sale of drugs
  3. 600 heart attacks in Iran every day




Saheb Ghalam:

  1. Iran will surprise enemies: Defense minister
  2. Iran to fully stick to missile program: commander
  3. No oil exports to South Africa
  4. Iran eyes 1.3 million cars in current year






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