A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on March 9

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Wednesday and picked headlines from 24 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.


1.  Canadian premier voices readiness to reopen Tehran embassy

2.  Certain countries refrain from repaying Iran: Araghchi

3.  Islamic states call for integrated support for Palestine

4.  There is no sign Iran has violated JCPOA

5.  IRGC conducts missile test




Abrar Eqtesadi:

1.  Oil price crosses $40/b

2.  Iran to tap NDFI for $300mln for textile industry





1.  Steel industry giant in Iran [for talks]

2.  Unprecedented safety in Islamic Iran: Intelligence minister

3.  Illegal refugees to return to Turkey




Arman-e Emrouz:

1.  Environment protection duty for all: Leader

2.  Canada show green light to reopen Tehran embassy

3.  Three-month deadline for ending subsidy payments





1.  Leader forbids destruction of environment

2.  Zarif: Making most out of JCPOA needs refraining from party considerations

3.  Iran, future winner of oil market

4.  Report: 120 years since invention of telephone Beyond Graham Bell dreams

5.  Lack of confidence, biggest challenge in JCPOA implementation: negotiator





1.  Leader highlights environment preservation as duty of everyone

2.  Zarif: Some [countries] seek security in causing insecurity for others

3.  Election outcome not unexpected for some: Seyyed Hassan Khomeini

4.  Iran poised to torrent of foreign tourists: UNWTO chief

5.  Indictment issued for Saudi Embassy attackers





1.  IRGC Cmdr: Enemies fearful of IRGC missiles

2.  23 Arab legal bodies undermine Hezbollah blacklisting by PGCC

3.  Hassan Khomeini: One cannot accuse others for God’s sake





1.  Minister: Iran economy needs second miracle

Iranian minister of economy has said the administration’s economic performance in the current Iranian year was like a miracle by the economy needs another miracle to be fully saved.





1.  Artist Parviz Parastouei honored

2.  Tehran tops list of online crimes [in Iran]

3.  Iran to distribute Euro-4 petrol in most cities: Official





1.  Nowruz can bring regional nations together: Expert

2.  Shell repays nearly $2bn debt to Iran

3.  IRGC displays defense power in missile drill

4.  744 LCs open in two weeks

5.  Report tells ISIS seeking to form army of kids




Payama Zaman:

1.  Iran revives hamstrung textile factories

2.  Veep: Admin serious on fighting corruption

3.  IRGC chief: Defense power and nation security are red lines

4.  Parliament speaker calls for finalization of development plan before March 21





1.  Iran to cut cash handouts for the rich by June

2.  Ayatollah Yazdi: Preserving rule of Supreme Jurisconsult most sensitive Assembly of Experts duty

3.  Preserving environment, duty of nation, government: Leader





1.  No budget deficit: Spokesman





1.  Iran omits “red carpet” from int’l Fajr film festival

2.  Bibi dumps US visit




1.  Economy minister says sick, tired of corrupt managers

2.  13m addictive tramadol seized in Tehran




Jomhouri Islami:

1.  IRGC starts last leg of missile drill

2.  JCPOA implementation ended legal bases of sanctions: Araghchi

3.  Assembly of Experts gathers for last time this year

4.  Zarif: ISIS still enjoys suporters in region




1.  Seyyed Hassan to remain tick in the eye of Saudi king

2.  Ayatollah Yazdi: Enemy has reneged on promises several times, cannot be trusted

3.  Report: Poverty, social gap souvenir of artificial development





1.  Economy minister knocks state managers regarding privatization

2.  IRGC ballistic missles shot from within earth

3.  I am blissed by having a burden removed from my shoulders: Ayatollah Yazdi

The ayatollah failed to win enough votes to remain in the Assembly of Experts.

4.  Bibi hails PGCC measure to blacklist Hezbollah




Rah-e Mardom:

1.  Iranian expatriates best bridge for intercultural dialogue: Zarif





1.  Ayatollah Yazdi warns Rouhani to be fooled by enemy’s smile

2.  Cmdr Soleimani bears flag of combat with terrorism: diplomat

3.  Principalists enjoying majority seats in 10th parl.: Bahonar





1.  JCPOA, victory for women: Mogherini

2.  Leader: preservation of jungles duty of all nation, officials





1.  $12b, 13t of gold to be paid to Iran

2.  I succumb to the law: Ayatollah Yazdi




Saheb Ghalam:

1.  Iran foists will on 6 world powers




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