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7-Year-Old Genius Builds His Own Toys

A 7-year-old Iranian boy builds the stuff he plays with on his own. The young boy is to represent Iran at L'Artigiano in Fiera International Craft Selling Exhibition on the slopes of the Alpine mountains this fall.

The family of this little boy holds their birthday parties and New Year celebrations in their wood art workshop. They have raised Parsa in a way that he is widely seen as a genius even at the age of seven.

Here is IRNA’s interview with this young Iranian genius and his father:


Q: Would you please introduce yourself?

Parsa: My name is Parsa Qazi and I like to continue my father’s job. I work at a woodturning workshop.

Q: How old are you?

Parsa: I’m seven years old. Born in 2011.

Q: How long have you been busy with woodturning?

Parsa: I started working since I was 4, so (showing with his fingers) it’s 3 years.

Q: The masters of woodturning have told me that your works are really excellent, and now I saw how professional you are. What do you make?

Parsa: By woodturning, you can make everything. Home stuff and many other things.

Q: I’ve heard you teach students at school. How old are your trainees?

Parsa: 7 years old and more.

Q: Aren’t you afraid when your trainees are older than you?

Parsa: I was a bit stressful at first, but now I am OK. I’m a little boy now; everyone thinks this is not an appropriate job for me, but I’m sure it would be the right job for me when I grow up. Anyone who sees me tasks how this little child can do woodturning.

Have you ever built something you liked to buy?

Parsa: Yes. I like gavels. I have a bottle using which I drink milk in the mornings. I like it so much; therefore, I made a similar one using wood. I build whatever I like.


  1. Dear Mr Qazi! How old are you and how long have you been doing this?

Parsa’s Father: I was born in 1979 and have a master’s degree in restoration of monuments and art works. I have been teaching at the workshops and universities for 22 years. I have invented a new style of woodcarving and now I’m sculpturing.

Q: How do you assess the quality of the Parsa’s works?

Parsa’s Father: Technically, he has reached a level that I can count on him as a skilled professional man in the workshop.

Q: Working with a child has its own problems, and when a child is both theoretically and practically skilled in a field, for sure you have had a special plan. How did you achieve such a great success?

Parsa’s Father: Yes. I also have the experience of working with young children, including the deaf and dumb. It is a must to read children’s psychology books to do this job. I have worked with a lot of children, but as soon as the training went through the difficult stages, they stopped and could not continue anymore. However, Parsa had an extraordinary ability to learn. He did not leave me with any restrictions in education, and exactly as an adult I worked with him and taught him until he reached master’s level.

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