Thursday, February 22, 2024

40 Photos, 40 Memories: Iran-Iraq War on 40th Anniversary

The Iraqi-imposed war on Iran officially began on September 22, 1980 when the Iraqi military launched offensives against southern and western Iranian cities and conducted an airstrike on Mehrabad International Airport in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Although people residing in the cities of Qasr-e Shirin, Kermanshah and Sarpol-e Zahab near the western border with Iraq had been under Iraqi artillery fire for a month, no one would have thought that Iraq wanted to launch a war against Iran to conquer the country.

Finding Real Heroes in Old War Photos
Finding Real Heroes in Old War Photos

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein intended to capture Tehran in three days’ time, but Iranian people resisted for eight years and foiled the plots hatched by the former Baghdad regime and its masters.

The following photos, prepared in collaboration with the Photographers of the Revolution and Holy Defense’s Association, recollect eight years of war, altruism and resistance of Iranian people:

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