In this exhibition, which is called Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds, nearly 150 Iranian works are going to be auctioned at an initial price of $1,000 to more than $230,000.

The works include the manuscripts of the holy Quran, Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (Book of Kings), and Rumi’s Masnavi next to the paintings and tiles of the Safavid period as well as 45 Persian rugs.

At the Christie’s auction, a total of 385 works from Iran, India, Turkey, China, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Russia, Palestine, Morocco, Jordan, Italy, Egypt, Britain, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tunisia will be sold to the visitors.

Among the Iranian works, a manuscript of holy Quran belonging to the Safavid era is ranked first as the most expensive Iranian work and the second most expensive work in the auction.

Among the 45 Iranian rugs, a Bijar carpet and a carpet of Isfahan are the most expensive ones.

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