Saturday, May 18, 2024

The 10th edition of Dowlatabadi’s three-volume novel released

The 10th edition of ‘Passed Times of the Elderly’ a three-volume novel by the leading Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi was published by Nashr-e Cheshmeh Publication institute.

‘Passed Times of the Elderly’ illustrates the lives of trees generation of a rural family who describe the past events from their own views. One of the main characters of the novel is Abdous, A MAN who has had to work from childhood as the breadwinner of his family and the harsh realities he has faced has turned him into a hard-boiled man.

Dowlatabadi who has an international reputation, is a master of combining rural speech with the lyrical feature of Persian poetry. He is particularly gifted in portraying the social and moral difficulties of the poor specially in rustic areas where he has himself lived.

His key works such as ‘Kelidar’; ‘The Colonel’ and ‘Missing Soluch’ were translated into Norwegian, German, English, Italian and have been released in the West.

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