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The latest news and views about Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement

Ali Larijani

Lebanese Nation Said “Big No” to US, Israel: Iran

Iran’s parliament speaker hailed the outcome of Sunday’s election in Lebanon as a response to the hostile policies of the US and Israel towards Lebanon, such as their attempts to upset the Arab country’s security by supporting terrorists.

Iran Hails Lebanon Elections as Victory for Entire Lebanese Nation

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has congratulated the Lebanese government and great nation on successfully holding its general elections.

Early Results Herald Victory for Hezbollah, Allies in Lebanese Elections

Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement and its political allies looked set to win more than half the seats in Lebanon’s first parliamentary election in nine years, according to preliminary results cited by politicians and Lebanese media.

Iranian Cleric Warns Israel against Attack on Hezbollah

Tehran's Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami warned the Israeli regime that if it dares to test again its attacks on the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement, the Israeli cities will be “razed to the ground” by the movement.

IRGC to Spare No Effort to Help Palestinians Fight Israel

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has roundly condemned the recent Israeli atrocity against Palestinians at a peaceful demonstration, expressing its preparedness to help restore the Palestinian nation’s rights.

“Iran Supports Any State Willing to Fight against Israel”

Commander of Iran's Army Ground Force Brigadier General Kioomars Heidari says Iran offers support to any state willing to fight against the Zionist regime of Israel.

Trump Decision on Jerusalem, Beginning of Israel’s Demise: Nasrallah

Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says the US president’s decision on Jerusalem al-Quds will definitely mark the beginning of the demise of Israel.

Trump’s Decision Insults 1 Billion Muslims, Millions of Christians: Hezbollah Chief

The Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has slammed Trump's decision on Jerusalem as the ‘second Balfour declaration’, saying that his move is an insult to over one billion Muslims and millions of Christians.

Lebanese PM Hariri Rescinds Resignation after Deal with Rivals

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has formally withdrawn his resignation following a consensus deal reached with rival political parties.

Yemeni, Palestinian Groups Condemn Arab League’s Anti-Hezbollah Statement

Resistance groups from Yemen and Palestine have vehemently condemned the latest statement of Arab League against Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

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