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Turkey official results to announce ‘within 11-12 days’

Unofficial results from Turkey's parliamentary elections show President Erdogan's AKP has lost its majority in the chamber.

Climate change causes spread of dust in region

Iraq, Jordan, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula are the major foreign centers for the dust pollution in Iran, the director of the Iranian Environment Department said.

Iranian official says diplomacy only solution to Yemen crisis

The National Security and Foreign Policy chief of Parliament censured the international community’s silence toward the deadly Saudi airstrikes against Yemen.
Ryan Crocker

Veteran diplomat seems to have forgotten the facts

An analysis by IRNA has provided answers to remarks by Ryan Crocker, the former US ambassador to Iraq, on US policies in the Middle East and what has gone wrong in the terrorism-plagued country.
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ISIL poses a threat to Iran in the long run

A US-based Iranian lecturer has disputed the functionality of Iran’s policies on Saudi Arabia, saying that Tehran needs to adopt a better strategy in dealing with Riyadh.
Seyyed Hassan Nasrollah

Hezbollah warns Israel against war

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has said that Israel should not think Hezbollah is preoccupied with the operations in Syria against terrorist groups, saying a strong response awaits Israel if it attacks Lebanon.
Mowlavi Abdol Hamid

Enemy bent on shattering Muslim unity: Sunni scholar

Today, efforts to maintain unity are essential and we need to avoid things that might play into the hands of the enemy, said Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami.
Elham Aminzadeh

Iran’s VP Raps State Sponsorship of Terrorism in Region

Aminzadeh said that violent terrorist groups in the region cannot survive without receiving aid from certain countries.

Saudi blockade of Yemen taking unacceptable toll on civilians: Iran official

“It is unacceptable that wounded Yemenis are denied access to medical aid because of the continuation of the cruel naval and aerial blockade, the deputy foreign minister said.

Syria front line of defense against Israel: Iranian official

Undermining Syria will definitely lead to crises and uncontrollable situations in all neighboring and regional countries, Shamkhani said.

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