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World’s Largest Pictorial Carpet Woven in Iran for China

The largest pictorial carpet of the world has been woven in the central Iranian city of Isfahan.

This Persian rug has been woven with the consultation and in collaboration with a faculty member of the Kashan University’s Handmade Carpets Department.

The 2.5-metre rug was ordered by the Chinese government for the Silk Road Museum of Shanxi province.

The masterpiece was woven in nine months, in 168 colours and with 23 million knots, and is now placed at the museum.

The pictorial carpet is a great, unique, and valuable work of art which gives a picture of the great nations of the old times in trade with China.

The work gain much more value as all stages of the project have been carried out in modern and innovative ways to overcome the numerous constraints.

The combination of experience, art, knowledge and technology together is a valuable thing and can be a fresh hope for the future of the Iranian rug weaving.

Fat’h-Ali Qashqaifar, a professor at the University of Kashan and a member of the faculty of handmade carpets has been the artistic technical consultant of this global project. He constantly accompanied the team and came up with creative ideas and scientific solutions.

Professor Mohammed Seif has also given a hand in this project.

According to the ministry of science, 115 people were involved in weaving the rug, including 55 female artists.

The Persian carpet also known as Iranian carpet, is a heavy textile made for a wide variety of practical and symbolic purposes including home use, local sale, and export.

Carpet weaving is a vital part of Iranian culture and art. Within the group of oriental rugs, the Persian carpet stands out thanks to the variety and ornateness of its diverse designs.

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