Friday, December 9, 2022

World countries vying for Iran market: Spokesman

The countries which called for tougher sanctions on Iran are today overtaking each other in a rush to Tehran in search for business opportunities, said Nobakht.

The Iranian government spokesman said Iran’s conditions to choose its trade partners are today very different from the past since world countries are in a rush to Tehran to win economic opportunities.

Speaking to reporters in Tehran on Tuesday, Mohammad Bagher Nobakht said Iran has many options to choose its trade partners.

“In the post-sanctions period, we are not forced to deal with only a handful of countries,” he said, adding that many things have changed compared to the past when companies and countries treated Iran from the position of exclusivity.

“The countries that had been calling for implementing tougher sanctions on Iran are today overtaking each other in a rush to Tehran in search for business opportunities. But they should realize that Iran will pursue its own interests.”

“We never get overexcited about the arrival of any trade delegation,” Nobakht underscored.

In similar remarks earlier on Sunday, President Rouhani had highlighted the country’s policy to seek win-win economic interaction with the world once the anti-Iran sanctions are lifted, adding that Tehran would not allow excessive imports of foreign products.

After the successful conclusion of nuclear talks with world powers, Iran is now ready for a win-win interaction with global economy, Rouhani said in the western province of Kurdistan Sunday.

“We are not going to open our doors to imports, but we are looking for investments and new technologies, and an increase in our exports,” the Iranian president said.

After Iran and six world powers reached a deal over Tehran’s nuclear energy program on July 14, many foreign companies from around the world have announced their readiness to enter the Iranian market.

Experts say the comprehensive nuclear deal and subsequent termination of anti-Iran sanctions would result in a hike in Iran’s trade with the world and boost foreign investment in the country.

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