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Weaving Shirdong; Local Art of Iran’s Bakhtiari People

Shirdong weaving is one of the handicrafts of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in southwestern Iran.

Shirdong is a decorative object made of wool which is obtained from sheep in spring.

Local women turn the wool into thin strings using simple tools, and then dye them using natural colours.

The women later begin weaving the Shirdong. They spin a thin string using a simple tool called Peel, and then dye it with joyful colours. Then, they start weaving according to the designs they have in mind.

The colourful and patterned strings of Shirdong represent the joy and happiness of Bakhtiari people. At celebrations and weddings, these people hang these decorative stuff on black tents and at home, conveying the message of happiness to guests and acquaintances.

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